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Courtesy of Mark Manne



Mantra for Purification

Om Apvitraha Pvitro Wa Sarwavusthan Gatopiwa

Yaha Smret Pundrikaksham Sabahyabhyantrha Suchihi




Simha Yoga Lab

190 Christopher Columbus Drive #2B

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Located between Jersey Ave and Coles/Varick St





My Mission for Simha Yoga Lab
People keep asking, "in an environment where studios charge $22-25 per yoga class, why on Earth are you charging only $10 when you can demand way more?"  In my humble opinion, yoga classes are too expensive, and increasingly becoming yet another thing that only people with means can afford.

Simha Yoga Lab was born out of a period of personal restlessness and frustration.  Yoga practice has always meant community and being inclusive.  It saddens me to see students' practices suffer when they struggle to pay for classes.  That should not be.  I want people to have access to yoga.

Unexpectedly, an opportunity to have my own studio appeared.  It was like the universe was pushing for the creation of this space.  I want people to practice regularly for physical and mental well-being.  I want students to enjoy a strong vinyasa practice that is well-sequenced, well-informed, and fun.  A quality yoga class does not need to cost a fortune.  It is a fallacy that quality must come at great cost.  It does not.

My teaching philosophy is all about exploration and discovery.  Students may take modifications to care for special conditions or to ease up.  Alternatively, they can challenge themselves by opting for variations.  This is how my teacher, Dharma Mittra, teaches, by giving the freedom to express and interpret the poses.  There is also the discipline of alignment and structure, as taught by my other teacher, Alison West.  My classes offer the union of the two with dynamic movements and structural clarity.




***Schedule updated weekly for changes or cancellations.

Check before coming to class for last minute changes.

11/25 - Friday (4th annual "Turkey Burn")
11:00-12:00pm - Non-stop vinyasa variations to burn excess calories from Thanksgiving dinner
11/26 - Saturday
9:00-10:00am - Open Flow
10:30-11:30am - Int/Adv Lab
11/27 - Sunday
9:00-10:00am - Int/Adv Lab
10:30-11:30am - Open Flow
11/28 - Monday
7:00-8:00pm - Beginner/Basics
11/29 - Tuesday
7:00-8:00pm - Open Flow
11/30 - Wednesday
7:00-8:00pm - Open Flow
12/1 - Thursday
7:00-8:00pm - Advanced Lab
12/2 - Friday
No Classes
12/3 - Saturday
9:00-10:00am - Open Flow
10:30-11:30am - Int/Adv Lab
12/4 - Sunday
9:00-10:00am - Int/Adv Lab
10:30-11:30am - Open Flow
12/5 - Monday
7:00-8:00pm - Beginner/Basics
12/6 - Tuesday
7:00-8:00pm - Open Flow
12/7 - Wednesday
7:00-8:00pm - Open Flow
12/8 - Thursday
7:00-8:00pm - Advanced Lab
Description of classes:
Beginner/Basics (Level 1, slow-paced, alignment-based)
Open Flow (Level 1 and 2 mainly with intro into 3, medium-paced, strengthening and athletic)
Int/Adv Lab (mix of Level 2 and 3, exploring progressively more advanced poses and variations)
Advanced Lab (Level 3, advanced practitioners only, creative transitions with inversions and arm-balancing)



***Classes are $10.00, cash only***

No registration required.  Just drop in.

Rental fees for yoga mats ($1) and towels ($1 personal size and $3 mat size).

Blocks, straps, and blankets you may use at your convenience.

Bring your own water bottle.  Filtered water available.

No showering since there is only one bathroom.



***Show Up Early*** (15min before start time is ideal).













"Dynamic Strength and Flexibility" is a monthly 2-hour event in the exploration of movement through the practice of vinyasa yoga.

Asanas and their variations are challenging.  Students are encouraged to be thoughtful in the process, to move with precision and control, maintaining structure and stability.

The sequences are a union of classical yoga principles with modern interpretations, composed sometimes in unexpected ways.

The added use of ropes and slings complement this framework to strengthen the body while cultivating flexibility.

Sunday, December 4, 5:30-7:30pm
Yoga Union at 37 W.28 Street, 4 floor (6th Ave and Broadway)
Intermediate Level

Preregister here




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